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Cairns air-conditioning cleaning is something we’re passionate about at Cairns A/C & Refrigeration. Did you know the Indoor Environmental Quality Standards Australia specifies that air-conditioners be cleaned not less than once a year?! Why? Because air-conditioners, especially those in tropical environments like ours, become a hotbed for mould, bacteria and other airborne contaminates. No one wants to be breathing that in! Save your lungs, contact Jace on 0436 371 454 or

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    $99 each
    $330 each


Our Efficiency and Hygiene Service is a toxin-free, anti-microbial clean. It’s completed in situ with a bag fitted to the indoor unit, so no mess! Get rid of mould and bacteria, breathe clean air, and save on running costs!

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This is a behind the scenes look at an uncleaned air-conditioner! It’s an accumulation of dust, airborne contaminates and human DNA (dead skin cells) which become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

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We’re passionate about the importance of cleaning air-conditioners, especially up here in the tropics. We recommend a yearly clean for best results. Our prices range from $99 for multiple units to $330 for a cassette style aircon. Contact Jace on 0436 371 454.

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"Quick, professional and friendly service by Jace. We originally thought 4 of our split systems would need to be cleaned, but it turned out only 1 needed a proper clean. He could have easily cleaned all 4 unnecessarily, however, he was honest and did what was needed. Really appreciate the honesty. The house smells great from the clean aircons!"

Kylie Frazer

"Very happy with the job! Air con smelt great afterward. Nice to know we have a clean air con in our baby's room. Thanks for the good service."

Carly Madderom

"We had this awesome team over this morning for a pre-summer health check of all our air conditioners. Hard as this may be to fathom for some people, but they were actually on time, friendly, super professional, cleaned up after themselves and no hidden extras or costs involved?!?! Go figure?!? Great service at a great price does actually still exist "

Ben Cashell

"Highly recommend, especially the pre-summer clean and service; so important for health and power savings in our tropical climate."

Simon Grant

"Absolutely love Cairns A/C! The team this week did a full upgrade of our A/C system in our training studio and we couldn’t be happier. Jace and the team got the job done professionally and proficiently with no disturbance to our normal business operations and our members love the outcome. Very professional, friendly and affordable. "

Chris McKewin

"Jace and Jace make a great team. So professional and knowledgeable. They have done everything for us and the A/C was provided at an awesome price. I highly recommend for all your A/C installs, repairs and maintenance."

Kim Siegmann

"Very impressed with how fast they were able to come to our rescue and fit some new AC units in our child care centre. Very reasonably priced too. Will definitely recommend to other people. "

Helen Moors

"Service over and above. Qualified, prompt and very friendly staff. I rang Jace because our lounge room air con was not working and it had an error code. Jace contacted the manufacturer directly with the details and arranged all the warranty formalities for me. So, so pleased, thanks Jace and Jace."

Meaghan Confait

"Jace was such a professional. Explained everything he was doing and why. He was very passionate about doing the best job he could without having to put conduit everywhere. (I'm in a ground floor unit so very tricky) He even went the extra mile to adjust my curtain rods and he cleaned up after himself. Could not recommend Jace highly enough!!"

Nicole Brown

"Very satisfied with the service I received from Jace and Jace. They responded to my messages promptly, booked my job in within a very reasonable timeframe and completed the job without a hitch. A very professional small business and one I would highly recommend."

Suz Bluett

"A local business who truly cares about their customers and offers a fabulous service for looking after your air conditioners. No job too big or small."

Flora Trinca

"Cairns A/C definitely live up to their rating. All stars and then some. Very professional and good to their word. Highly recommend them for all your Air-conditioning & refrigeration needs."

Nicola Moore

"Fast, efficient, professional and very reliable. No job too big or too small. Highly recommend to everyone I know."

Elizabeth McVicar

"Nothing but good things to say about Cairns AC and Refrigeration! Professional, highly qualified and reliable."

Suzanne Rath

"Fabulous to support a small business who are passionate about their customers and providing excellent service."

Sandra Sirianni


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Cairns air-conditioning cleaning is something that should be done yearly. There’s many reasons for this. Firstly, you want to make sure your family, employees, customers and/or guests are breathing clean air. Secondly, you want to ensure your air-conditioning unit is working at maximum capacity, with energy efficiency. The best way to tick all these boxes, is to have it cleaned.

At Cairns A/C & Refrigeration we can clean your air-conditioning system to ensure its ongoing efficiency and hygiene. Our Efficiency and Hygiene Service is a toxin-free, anti-microbial clean that rids your unit of mould, bacteria and dust. In more good news, it’s done in situ with a bag fitted to the indoor unit, so no mess!

We all clean our filters, but they only capture a small percentage of dust and other airborne contaminates. Inside the unit, the barrel fan collects the nasties and in our humid, tropical climate, this becomes a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Once they are there, these microscopic contaminates become airborne every time you turn your air conditioner on. You don’t want mould spores circulating in your air!

Cairns A/C & Refrigeration pressure clean the unit, to flush and rid the fan of any dust, mould and human DNA (skin cells). Our Efficiency and Hygiene Service will eliminate microbial contamination and keep you and your family breathing clean, cool, healthy air. As an added bonus, having your air-conditioner cleaned makes it operationally more efficient, which decreases your power consumption and increases power savings.

For more information, contact Jace at Cairns A/C & Refrigeration today on 0436 371 454 or No job too big or small.



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